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One Week Post Competition

It's been a week since competition weekend. I've been enjoying some sweet treats, but I've been enjoying Fall-inspired proats even more!

Raw Cranberries, Bob's Red Mill Old Fashioned Oats, Cinnamon, Pink Lady Apples, Banana, Garden Of Life Raw Vanilla Protein Powder, Black Coffee 

A lot of people call this time of year "off season" from competing. While participating in multiple competitions this year didn't start off as my goal, I find myself daydreaming of doing another one in the next few months. I don't know if that will happen, but one thing I do know is, this girl needs to decide on another goal!

Even though I have kind of enjoyed not following a meal plan...I honestly miss it. I don't feel burned out or as though I need a break from anything related to how my prep was designed. I was lucky enough to have a coach who's plans can actually be slightly adjusted to fit into a realistic healthy lifestyle. If you're interested in competing and actually enjoying your prep, my coach Crissi Carvalho is the most amazing person for the job ( She didn't just help me prep for an NPC bikini competition- she has changed my life and taught me so much about what a healthy vegan lifestyle means.

So here's what I'm looking like 1 week post-competition. I'm sure I've gained a few pounds, but I haven't weighed myself. It's not always about a number on the scale, but more about how we feel! I don't see the need to obsess over a number unless I start to feel uncomfortable or my clothes don't fit. I am still feeling muscular, strong, and healthy.   

The most important thing I've done since the competition is to stay active! It would be silly to work so hard towards building muscle and working towards a goal, just to completely stop exercising and lose all the progress made.

Time passes no matter how we use it. I'm considering several options and will soon nail down my next goal, so each day that passes brings joy and achievement. I'm not ready for an "off season" just yet!

           The Wonder Vegan


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