Peak Week: An Inside View of NPC Bikini Competing- Day 5

One day out! 

Today is probably my favorite day of Peak Week! I'm feeling great, lean, and obnoxiously tan. 

The nails are done and glammed. 

I am officially registered and ready to rock and roll! (Go Number 4! Go Number 4!)

And the best part... Eating carbs and rice cakes and peanut butter! This helps our muscles pop while we steadily dry and lean out for stage presence. 

Peanut butter is my weakness. And it was fabulous. 

I really do love the day before competition day. It's typically a very task-heavy day, with having to make sure everything you need to bring is ready, traveling to get your tan, register for the show, etc. But it's also so enjoyable, because you're checking each task off the list and one step closer to celebrating all of your hard work by stepping on stage! I can't wait to share tomorrow's adventures with you all. 

Dreaming of the stage, -The Wonder Vegan


  1. Oh its looking me something thrilling going out there.Isn't it? Well nice post.It seems competition is quite tough.I always wish best for everyone and ask you to post more in future.Thanks.


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