Peak Week: An Inside View of NPC Bikini Competing- Day 4

And Then There Was Glam.

It's all pretty ironic really. Many people state they aren't interested in doing bikini competitions because they appear sexualized. Glam is a huge aspect of the competition, yet it's not glamorous at all. Let me explain.

 First, let's talk tans. Competition spray tans aren't the same as getting your typical tanning salon or home done spray. The competition tan is darker, thicker, smellier, and most of the time a 2 day process. The first coat is typically applied on the Friday before the show, by a professional with a hand-held sprayer, and then the process is repeated Saturday morning. You might be wondering if you really have to be in your birthday suit for some random person to spray your every nook and cranny, paying special attention to those butt creases. Yes... So glamorous right ?!

Because the spray tan is a 2 day process, you generally go about 2 days without showering by the time it's all said and done...which wouldn't be so bad if you could use deodorant, perfumes, etc. But on competition weekend, you can't. No deodorant. No smelly-good anything on your skin. It will turn your bronze body green.

What I'm trying to say is, everyone smells.

Still think of these competitions as sexualized? Don't worry, there's more.

The sacred Red Solo Cup.

If you forget one of these bad boys, you won't be a happy camper. Most of us think of good nights and good beer when we see these, right? Not competitors- these are our steadfast tool, modified by cutting a hole in the bottom, to use as a funnel for our pee. I mean, you just can't risk having pee splash around onto your skin, botching your spray tan.

I'm laughing just typing this. But it's true! We are just stinky orange-tanned girls peeing through Solo Cups.

There's actually a lot of fun to the glam too, but we'll save that for later.
Until tomorrow, -The Wonder Vegan