Friday, December 2, 2016

5 Ways to Get to Your Early Morning Workout

Sometimes, the hardest part of getting your workout in is just getting started or getting to the gym! Here are 5 tips that may make it easier to get going. 

1. Sleep in Your Gym Clothes. When we're tired, the more steps it takes to do something, the less we may want to do it. If you wake up already dressed for the gym, that's one less thing you have to do before heading out the door. 

2. Set your Coffee Pot On a Timer. When it comes to early mornings, it's not that we hate the morning itself, it's the being tired that we despise! If you drink coffee, have your coffee pot timed to start a few minutes before you wake up. If you 
have another favorite caffeinated drink, prep it the night before or set a cup/bottle of it next to your bed. 

3.  Make an Appointment to Meet Someone There. This should be someone you wouldn't want to disappoint (best friend, trainer, etc). Even if we aren't in the mood to show up for ourselves, we can be much more likely to show up if it makes or breaks another person's morning. 
4. Plan Your Workout Ahead of Time. Indecision or being intimidated by too many choices can keep us away. If we decide the night before exactly what exercises we are going to do, we can enter with a plan of action. (If you're new to the gym, don't be afraid to ask for a tour when you sign up, so you can scope out where different equipment is). 

5. Journal How you Feel After you Complete an Early Morning Workout. It will help you remember next time that waking up and accomplishing your crack-of-dawn workout felt so much better than sleeping in. You only regret the workout you didn't do!


  1. This is much needed post as I get so lazy in morning for doing workout.Now after following your prescribed ways,I am hoping to get back to my morning workout.

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