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Is Your Story Holding You Back?

Everyone has a story. The summary of information that you feel explains who you are. 

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that sometimes we cling to these stories a little too hard and a little too long. How long have you been telling people the same story of yourself? Is it a story you're proud of, or one that you hide behind? 

The story we tell others about who we are is the same story we tell ourselves. Here's where that can either help us continue moving forward, or keep us sinking in quicksand...

We are always going to live up to our expectation (story) of who we are!!!

If you keep trying to reach goals in external ways without changing your "story," the end result will always be the same. 
In other words, if a person wants to become a professional soccer player, but keeps viewing himself as just "ok" at soccer, not good at sticking with things, and thinks he looks funny when he runs, then he'll probably NEVER be a professional soccer player! 

You have to take a good honest look at this... perhaps you haven't changed the inner dialogue of who you are, despite truly wanting different for yourself. 

So... How have you identified yourself? 
What is the story you keep telling yourself about who you are? Is it one filled with shame, disappointment and insults? Or is it one filled with the highest most positive perception of yourself? 

~I wrote down my old vs new story and invite you to do the same~

I am unloveable. 
I am fat. 
I am damaged. 
I am abused. 
I am a failure. 
I am a coward. 
I am gullible. 
I am scared. 


I am strong. 
I am smart. 
I am knowledgeable. 
I am an athlete. 
I am capable. 
I am inspiring. 
I am filled with love. 
My thoughts are valuable. 

***If you can't yet believe a positive story about yourself, I encourage you to at least write down the story you would like to be able to tell/ think. Use your imagination- If there were no barriers and you could snap your fingers to create the "you" of your dreams, what would your story say? Then, tape it on your mirror. Read it everyday. Add to it and change it as you go along. 
Change your story, change your life.
-The Wonder Vegan 


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