Are You Practicing for What You Want?

Mindset. Practice. 

Spoiler alert- sometimes a not-so-great mindset gets the best of me. 

But in case you haven't noticed, working towards changing that is referred to as a mindset practice

They call it a practice for a reason! 

...because it isn't always easy and doesn't always come natural. 
...because we've trained our brains to think "realistic" to avoid too much risk or change. 
...because we have been in a state of thinking negatively for so long. 

If you are interested in creating a more positive mindset (and are willing to put practice in!) here are some Do's and Don'ts:

Start with patience and tolerance for yourself.

Create small, achievable goals that will add up to change. 

Start a journal or reach out for support from like-minded people. 

Expect positive mindset changes to come effortlessly. Your brain has been trained without that in place and needs time to unlearn unhelpful thinking patterns. 

Expect to never have a bad day ever again (see above- patience and tolerance for yourself!). 

Confuse speed bumps for dead-end roads. Many goals worth achieving are not simple, straight lined, or easy. But they are always worth it.

I invite you to work at what you want. Make a conscious goal to practice gratitude. On the bad days, remember why you started (hint- journal topic!). 

-The Wonder Vegan


  1. A very motivational post. We often unthinking judge oursleves too harshly. Everyone should learn to love themselves. Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

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