Affirmation Friday: Healthy Detachment

noun | de•tach•ment 
: indifference to worldly concerns
: freedom from bias or prejudice

As soon as we look in the mirror, we subconsciously evaluate ourselves, and that chatter isn't usually very nice. 

"I hate my wrinkles." 
"I look tired." 
"This outfit looks bad on me." 

How often do we truly just observe ourselves without any negative bias? Why must we judge ourselves, put ourselves down, or otherwise be hard on ourselves? 

Being hard on ourselves has traditionally never worked to help us change what we're unhappy with, so we've got nothing to lose if we decide to experiment with just observing- without judgment- our physical or mental selves. I invite you not to judge yourself negatively for the next 24 hours! Print a picture of the affirmation and tape it on your mirror if necessary! 
~The Wonder Vegan 



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