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Affirmation Friday- Are You Up For The Challenge?

What does this mean to you? 

We get caught up in so many other thoughts and thought patterns that we rarely take time to be in the now.

*We mentally psych ourselves out on Sunday nights that we will be miserable the next day because "it's Monday." 

*We try to motivate ourselves to eat healthy or exercise by obsessing over what we hate about our body instead of what we love. 

*We don't notice blessings in our life because we can't stop thinking about the  unfortunate things that happen to us.

Why aren't we sharing the love? Talking, thinking, sharing, or doing what we love? Are we too busy just trying to get through the day that we feel we can't focus mental energy to shift to a more positive outlook? 

Increasingly, there are more people talking about living in the now, but find it hard to put that into practice...
Maybe that's just too vague of a goal to work towards. 

So let's just start with love. I challenge you to join me in participating in the 7 Day Spiritual Gangster Challenge- Created by Natalie Burrage, my dear friend and mentor, and founder of Love Yoga Flow in Columbus, OH. Click on the following link to watch her video explaining the challenge. 

For 7 days, put your energy into building others up, being kind to yourself, and transforming those negative thoughts into positives as they come up.
Be a badass gangster of love, just for 7 days. It may be just what you need to change your life for the better. And, it's free!

Loving In The Now, -The Wonder Vegan 



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Affirmation Friday!

Be Your Best Self!